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Our dear English-speaking friends!

We have from this point on decided to discontinue updates of the English version of our family site. Maintaining a web-site in three different languages has become too time and effort consuming for us. Unfortunately, the English-speaking audience of our web-site is the smallest one and it had to be sacrificed... :-(

But we still love you! :-)

To see our recent photos and other materials, click "Back" in your browser to go back to the front page and try Russian or Slovak versions.

To learn the Russian or Slovak language is not so difficult after all.... :-)))

Or at least you could see the pictures!!


How We Hunted Ducks


Dana is having fun in her bed
Click the photo
(video 2,9 Mb, 21 sec.)

Matej breastfeeds a doll
Matej often sees how mummy breastfeeds Dana so he decided to do this with his dolls
(video 4,9 Mb, 36 sec.)

Dana learned to sit up
She keeps sitting and sitting and...
(video 4,2 Mb, 31 sec.)
  PHOTOS, MAY 2005

Slovakia, Fall 2005
Us, our kids, our relatives and Slovak landscapes...

  PHOTOS, MAY 2005

Our Family in July 2005!

Тут все фото!
Click the photo to see all the pictures!


Видеофильм про Матвея

Click this photo to see a video about how one ought to pray and eat! (sorry, sound track is only in Slovak...)




Someone asked us about what a "vertical birth" that Andrea experienced was all about. Here's some information on vertical birth.



Kids are growing up...

Kids are growing up pretty fast... Here are a few snap shots made in the beginning of April 2005. Soon there are more to come (I mean, kids)... Click on the photo to see them all.

(I made this album using the Picasa - a free and useful application to work with images It is quite nice. It has its weak points as any "automatic" application that does everything for you with one button click, but it saves me a lot of time.)

Kira Sings at the Kids' Creativity School

Video of Kira's short performance.
She sings about the Christmas tree
(file 1,5 Mb).






Kira at Concert The Ivushka (little willow tree) ensemble performing With a rattle After the concert (or before)... Portrait

Recently Kira has joined a children's folk ensemble called Ivushka ( "a little willow tree") that practices at a local Arts and Creativity Center. On Nov. 4 2004 they had their first performance - the Ivushka's junior group performed in front of about 50 parents.


On His Feet!
Matej started walking

Click on the photo to watch a short video of Matej's first steps.


Here you can listen to Kira singing!

       - The Russian song "Katyusha"

       - A Slovak folk song

       - A home-made song in Slovak

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